Eating Disorders

Living with an eating disorder is a full-time job. Eventually, the eating disorder begins to seep into every aspect of your life, taking satisfaction away from the things you once enjoyed doing. Hanging out with friends and family is an anxiety provoking experience because, “What if food is involved? What if grandma talks about her latest diet? What if someone makes a comment about my body?” You start declining invitations and become more and more isolated. Holidays become your worst nightmare. Birthdays are consumed with thoughts about the cake someone will want you to eat. Winter suddenly becomes your favorite season because you get to wear baggy clothes without anyone questioning you. All the while, you’re more anxious and more depressed. These things happen so gradually that it’s easy to rationalize and minimize your experience in order to protect your eating disorder; It’s now become a part of you that seems impossible to give it up.

After years of working with individuals who struggle with eating disorders, I can promise you that recovery is possible. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. I want to help you find who you are without an eating disorder. I will help you develop a positive relationship with food so that you can begin enjoying day-to-day life, as well as life’s special moments without fear.


Co-occurring Disorders

If you are struggling with co-occuring disorders, I can guess that it’s been very challenging to make much headway. Often times, as one symptom gets better, another gets worse. You find yourself shifting from one behavior to the next, trying to juggle everything at once. You become overwhelmed, and can only juggle for so long before you start dropping balls. I’m very accustomed to treating co-occurring diagnoses without rushing the process. We will tackle your co-occurring disorders one at a time.


Child and Adolescent

I have worked with children as young as three years, and adults at age 87. Your amount of life experience isn’t a requirement for starting therapy with me. I don’t shy away from any age group, including pre-teens and adolescents. I enjoy getting creative in order to help any age group.

Parents: I am not one to close you out of the therapy process. I think it’s important for parents to have at least some involvement in the care and treatment of their children. And while you won’t know every detail of your child’s individual therapy, they are entitled to a safe and confidential place to work through their problems. You will know anything concerning their health, safety and the homework I give them to work on through the week.